Domestic & Elder Abuse

Domestic abuse is unfortunately prevalent among American families. Abuse can encompass far more than just physical battering. It can also be verbal, emotional or financial. When legal issues - such as divorce, incapacity or custody disputes - heighten stress levels and threaten to tear a family apart, abuse can surface in any form.

Shield Yourself And Your Loved Ones From Harm

At Bryan · Hinshaw, a San Francisco law firm, we encounter domestic abuse in many of our practice areas, particularly family law and elder law. Our attorneys are familiar with the hallmarks of abuse and the legal strategies for shielding yourself and your loved ones from further harm. As part of our effort to provide comprehensive legal guidance to meet our clients' needs, we handle the legal aspects of abuse in addition to managing the underlying legal issues that may be involved.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of domestic abuse, we can guide you through your options for pursuing legal protection such as filing a restraining order or emergency protective order. Our legal team can also provide practical advice on how to pursue criminal charges if you choose to do so.

Elder Abuse

Domestic abuse is not the only form of abuse that deserves attention. All too often, elders fall prey to financial, physical or emotional abuse at the hands of family members or caregivers. The abuse can occur in the privacy of the home or even in nursing homes and senior care facilities.

California law recognizes the devastating impact of elder abuse on both the victims and their loved ones. As one of the most sweeping elder abuse laws in the nation, it imposes significant criminal and civil consequences for those who take advantage of the elderly. If you are a senior over age 65 who has been a victim of abuse - or if you know or suspect that a loved one has been subjected to elder abuse - it is important to take action. You may be able to pursue a claim to recover significant damages, including attorney fees. Contact our firm to learn more about your options and how we can help.

Don't Suffer In Silence. Get Experienced Legal Help.

For experienced legal guidance on difficult legal issues involving domestic or elder abuse - whether nursing home abuse, elder financial abuse or other forms of exploitation -- call Bryan • Hinshaw at 415-906-3085. We offer initial interviews to determine if we can help you. Based in San Francisco, our lawyers handle domestic abuse and elder abuse cases throughout the Bay Area.