Caring For The Aging

Adult children or caregivers for elderly loved ones frequently encounter legal challenges. How can you establish the legal authority needed to act on your loved one's behalf? What legal tools are available to help you provide a caring and comfortable environment for your loved one? How can he or she qualify for Medi-Cal benefits?

At Bryan · Hinshaw, a law firm in San Francisco, we can help answer your questions and provide clarity in the sometimes muddled field of elder law. With more than 80 years of combined experience, our attorneys draw on a wealth of legal knowledge and practical insight to equip clients with the legal tools they need to adequately care for their aging loved ones.

Coping With Incapacity

Caring for aging loved ones who have lost the capacity to make independent decisions can present legal as well as emotional challenges. Legal tools such as powers of attorney, advance directives and health care authorizations can equip you with the legal authority necessary for providing for your loved one.

If your loved one did not prepare for incapacity in advance through careful estate planning, you may need to pursue conservatorship proceedings to gain the legal authority to act on his or her behalf. Conservatorship proceedings require detailed documentation and regular accountings. Court supervision over the conservatorship is typically intensive. Our firm can walk you through your options and provide experienced representation throughout the conservatorship process.

Seeking Medi-Cal Benefits And Other Resources For Getting Your Loved One The Care He Or She Needs

For many seniors, Medi-Cal benefits are critical for obtaining the care they need. Establishing Medi-Cal eligibility often requires careful planning and forethought. A conservatorship, power of attorney or other tools can be used to help your loved one obtain Medi-Cal benefits and get the care he or she needs, including through a nursing home or other senior care facility. Our firm can assist you in analyzing your loved one's options and pursuing the necessary tools and strategies.

Learn More About How We Can Help During An Interview

At Bryan · Hinshaw, we provide a wide range of legal services and guidance to support adult children and geriatric care managers in caring for their loved ones, from comprehensive representation in conservatorship proceedings to practical assistance in choosing a nursing home. Learn more about how we can assist you by contacting us at 415-906-3085. Based in San Francisco, our elder care lawyers serve clients throughout the Bay Area.