Elder Law

With millions of baby boomers nearing or entering retirement, the legal aspects that accompany aging have become increasingly important. Developing an estate plan, establishing eligibility for Medi-Cal and planning for the possibility of incapacity call for detailed legal guidance.

At Bryan · Hinshaw, a San Francisco law firm, we provide professional guidance for seniors as well as adult children and caregivers of seniors. Our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined legal experience in complementary fields of practice. As an integrated firm, we offer services in the many related areas of law that make up elder law.

Planning For Incapacity

Legal incapacity refers to an inability to make independent decisions and reason logically. Conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, other brain disorders and brain trauma can lead to a loss of legal capacity. Incapacity can arise gradually or it can be sudden and unexpected.

It is important to plan proactively for the possibility of incapacity. Fortunately, the law affords various legal tools that can be used to protect yourself and plan ahead.

  • Through a power of attorney, you can grant a trusted loved one the authority to manage your finances, property, personal care and medical treatment in the event of incapacity.
  • A health authorization or HIPAA release can also allow your loved ones to access your medical records, a critical step for ensuring that they can legally provide for your needs.
  • Through an advance directive, you can establish your wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment measures.

Our lawyers can provide detailed counsel to help you implement the legal tools that will best suit your needs.

Other Issues Elders Face

In recent years, the baby boomer generation has seen an increased incidence of "gray divorce" - that is, divorce among couples over age 50. As one of the Bay Area's leading family law practices, our firm provides skilled representation for elders facingdivorce.

Our firm also handles cases involving elder abuse. Whether the abuse is physical, financial, verbal or emotional, we can help shield you or your loved one from further harm.

Learn More About Our Elder Law Practice

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