Child Support & Spousal Support

Post-judgment modification of support, both child and spousal, can be complex without the assistance of a knowledgeable, skilled family law attorney.

At the firm of Bryan • Hinshaw in San Francisco, our goal is to assist clients in determining their financial needs for immediate, temporary, and long-term child support and spousal support (alimony). Contact a San Francisco child support lawyer for help with the following:

  • Child support (enforcement or establishment of)
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Family allowance (one spouse left without income seeks support paid from other's estate)
  • Retired or widowed (without income, as other spouse's estate was awarded to the family)

Family allowance may be available in cases where one spouse is without income. For example, mother is the breadwinner and father stays home to care for the child. If father dies, mother and child may require support paid from father's estate. For people retired or widowed, the other spouse's estate is awarded to the family while the surviving spouse is now without support.

We negotiate court determinations when necessary. We try to understand not only the legal problem, but the life situation our client is facing. We empathize with your difficult time and in turn offer experience, creativity, and personalized service. Contact a California alimony attorney today.