High-Asset Divorce

Divorces involving high-value assets can become extremely complex. Identifying, valuing and proposing a workable property division typically require extraordinary effort and attention to detail. Experience is critical in these high-stakes cases.

The San Francisco law firm of Bryan · Hinshaw is among the Bay Area's leading family law firms. Our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience, including experience handling high-asset cases. Our strong background in this niche area of divorce law proves invaluable for clients seeking knowledgeable legal counsel.

Dividing Stock Options In Divorce | Handling Other High-Value Assets

In high-asset divorce cases, much hinges on obtaining a fair and accurate valuation of assets. Our attorneys have experience developing real estate and business valuations to establish a compelling position that is well-supported by thorough documentation and analysis. We work with trusted professionals such as appraisers, accountants and tax advisers to ensure that our clients receive top-quality guidance.

Our extensive experience handling property division also encompasses intricate assets such as:

  • Real estate, including the marital residence, vacation homes and investment properties
  • Investment accounts such as stocks, stock options and restrictive stock units
  • Retirement accounts such as 401(k)s, pension plans and IRAs
  • Business interests from a family-owned or independent enterprise, including professional practices
  • Personal property such as cars, jewelry, art, collectibles and inheritances

Each type of property poses unique challenges. Our attorneys are familiar with the issues that commonly arise in high-asset cases, and we understand how to proactively protect clients' interests from the outset of proceedings through their conclusion.

Allow Us To Protect Your Interests

When divorce threatens your earnings and investments, you can rely on Bryan · Hinshaw for quality legal representation and responsive service. We are highly regarded among our peers for our excellence in the profession.

To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact us online or by phone at 415-906-3085. Conveniently located in downtown San Francisco, our lawyers handle high-asset divorce cases throughout the Bay Area.