Establishing Parentage To Secure Parent-Child Relationships

Establishing parentage in California is often necessary for parents to assert their rights and protect the best interests of their children. Like any family law issue, parentage disputes can be contentious and emotional. The caring lawyers and professional staff at Bryan · Hinshaw are committed to guiding clients through a difficult time. Our lawyers draw on more than 80 years of combined experience to protect the rights of clients and obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

As a fully integrated family law and estate planning law firm, we are fully cognizant that parentage matters are important for children in California. While your parental rights can be legally secured, your child benefits from the establishment of paternity in several important areas, including:

  • The legal right to inherit from his or her parents
  • Rights during probate of the legal father's estate
  • The right to receive a father's Social Security and any veterans benefits
  • The right to financial support from both (or all) legal parents
  • The right to access a parent's medical records and family history for health purposes
  • Medical coverage rights under either parent's health care plan

Comprehensive Representation To Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

We can advise you on all aspects of California parentage law (sometimes referred to as a paternity dispute), including:

  • The use of DNA testing to establish or challenge parentage
  • Obtaining a child support order after establishing parentage
  • Resolving child custody and parenting time or visitation disputes

Parentage In Same-Sex Relationships

Our attorneys remain at the cutting-edge in addressing the issues same-sex couples face in family law matters. Since 2005, California law has presumed same-sex couples in a registered domestic partnership to be the legal parents of a child. With recognition of same-sex marriages, the law concerning parentage in same-sex relationships continues to remain complex. In 2014, California officially recognized the ever-changing landscape of family relations and now allows more than two parents to have legal parental rights. For instance, a biological father may share parental rights with two same-sex mothers. We can explain the process and help you to establish parentage to serve the best interests of your family structure.

Turn To Experienced Lawyers In San Francisco To Protect Your Parental Rights

Our principal attorneys are skilled negotiators and mediators who know how to resolve difficult disputes efficiently. Family law problems are highly personal, and we strive to settle these with the least amount of turmoil to minimize the financial and emotional costs. To arrange an interview, send us an email or call 415-906-3085. Our office is conveniently located in the financial district of downtown San Francisco, and we serve clients throughout the Bay Area and San Francisco-Sacramento Corridor.