Effective Post-Decree Modification Representation

Life moves on after divorce. Circumstances can change substantially after a final decree has been issued. That final decree, however, remains enforceable — even if changes in the economy, the needs of your children or your job status have made the existing order unworkable or unfair.

Many aspects of your divorce are final, such as property division matters. However, when addressing issues involving children (and sometimes spousal support or alimony) a change in circumstances may require a modification of the divorce decree. Substantial changes in the income of one or both parents, the availability of employment or changes in the needs of children may impact the fairness of a support order. Relocation (sometimes called a move-away) may adversely impact the parent-child relationship for a parent who is relocating or a noncustodial parent whose parenting time is cut-off due to the relocation of an ex-spouse.

Experienced Post-Decree Modification Attorneys In San Francisco

Bryan · Hinshaw in San Francisco, California, is a full-service family law firm dedicated to ensuring our clients' rights are well-protected. Our family law attorneys draw on over 80 years of combined legal experience to obtain favorable results through negotiation, mediation or contested hearings to resolve post-decree disputes.

We represent men and women throughout the Bay Area in post-decree matters involving:

  • Child support modifications due to increases or decreases in income
  • Child custody issues related to alcohol, abuse or neglect
  • Parenting time disputes, including changes in work schedules that make an existing agreement or order unworkable
  • Relocations that affect parental rights

Enforcing Existing Support And Parenting Time Orders

In other situations, continued strife between ex-spouses may result in parenting time disputes or the failure of a parent to pay support. The existing order remains enforceable and our lawyers are skilled in obtaining results in child support enforcement disputes and resolving post-decree visitation and custody disputes.

Protect Your Interests In Post-Divorce Modification Disputes

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