Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Couples often have extensive to-do lists before getting married. Prenuptial agreements rarely make the list, as couples overlook prenuptial agreements as unnecessary.

Naturally, life changes occur, sometimes affecting the future of a marriage. At the law firm of Bryan · Hinshaw, we are committed to helping clients avoid bitter divorce disputes. We help couples become proactive in establishing effective prenuptial agreements to limit future legal or financial liabilities. Contact our law firm today and discover the benefits of prenuptial agreements.

Offering Prenuptial Agreement Services

The lawyers at our law firm have deep legal roots. We have a strong background practicing in business law, as well as family law. Our experience in complementary legal areas helps us develop effective prenuptial agreements accounting for business assets, as well real estate property. We offer a hands-on approach to develop comprehensive prenuptial agreements, covering:

  • Distribution of life insurance benefits
  • Rights and obligations of each side to their marital estate
  • Safeguards to protect individuals from acquiring their spouses' debts
  • How property will be distributed following marital dissolution or death

In California, any property acquired after couples get married could get divided up if couples get divorced. This would include retirement plans, vacation homes, as well as business property. A prenuptial agreement would protect you from losing any of your assets, if you and your spouse were to get divorced.

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We also work with married couples looking to develop valuable postnuptial agreements. We carefully scrutinize important details, making sure that coercion is not an issue and that both sides voluntarily want a postnuptial agreement. Postnuptial agreements are effective tools to protect individuals' business assets, while shielding spouses from their significant other's debts.

We carefully educate clients on the benefits of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.Contact our law firm today to schedule a convenient 30-minute interview at our San Francisco law office.