Interfamily Disputes

Conflicts among family members, spouses, ex-spouses or relatives are commonly at the bottom of many types of legal disputes. Of course, family discord is at the heart of many divorce and child custody cases. But family friction can also contribute to legal challenges in other matters besides family law issues, such as:

  • Probate: Will contests, trust disputes and battles over conservatorship proceedings commonly surface in probate court.
  • Elder law: Caring for aging loved ones can lead to tension and disagreements, particularly when weighty decisions are at play, such as selecting a nursing home or senior care facility.
  • Domestic or elder abuse: Physical, financial, emotional and verbal abuse are unfortunately all too common among family members.
  • Business litigation: Family-run businesses run into problems when disagreements arise or a family separates through divorce.

While each case presents unique legal challenges, a common skill set of legal acumen, finesse and creative problem-solving skills applies to all types of interfamily disputes.

Handling Family Disputes Through Mediation, Negotiation And Litigation

At Bryan · Hinshaw, a law firm in San Francisco, our lawyers possess the skill, experience and conflict resolution skills that are essential for navigating difficult family-related legal issues. We offer legal services in a broad range of complementary practice areas, from mediation and family disputes to business litigation. These interrelated areas enhance our ability to meet clients' diverse legal needs as whole.

Typically, we focus on practical problem-solving strategies in the early stages of family disputes. We apply our experience to find common ground and minimize damage to family relationships. Throughout the process, we encourage resolution through negotiation and out-of-court agreements. However, some cases require strong and experienced trial advocacy skills. We have tried many cases ranging from simple contested evidentiary hearings to long and complex trials involving weeks of contested testimony and evidence. Often our trial advocacy skills and reputation enhance our ability to negotiate satisfactory resolutions for our clients, and they assist us when we act as mediators to help parties understand the realities of litigation.

Committed To Excellence In Legal Guidance And Client Service

Our firm is highly regarded and well-respected for its excellence in legal advocacy. We draw on more than 80 years of combined experience to develop creative strategies and proposed resolutions that are tailored to meet our clients' unique circumstances and objectives. Together with our experienced and dedicated staff, we strive to provide exemplary legal guidance as well as outstanding client service.

Our attorneys and staff share a commitment to excellence in providing quality legal guidance and personalized legal service.

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