Strategic Solutions In Business Litigation

Factors critical to successful business litigation, with particular regard to corporate breakups, include an understanding of the facts unique to the case, thorough preparation, and a commitment to work in the best interest of the client, particularly when the disintegration of a business or professional entity is at stake.

At Bryan • Hinshaw in San Francisco, California, we advise and represent clients facing potential lawsuits involving the following:

  • Contract disputes: A breach of contract claim can disrupt every aspect of your business. We are driven to resolving contract problems as quickly as possible to let our clients focus on running the business. When trial is necessary, our lawyers are well-regarded for their courtroom advocacy.
  • Shareholder disputes and partnership litigation: Strife within a business may involve disagreements over the direction of the company. Other disputes may threaten the existence of the entity itself. Our comprehensive review of shareholder and partnership disputes is backed by trial-proven attorneys who will go the distance to protect what is most important to you.
  • Disputes related to a family business: The dissolution of a business may coincide with a divorce. Siblings in business together can face disputes over the direction of the company. As an integrated practice, we strive to protect interests beyond the business law problem that brings you to Bryan • Hinshaw in San Francisco.
  • Real estate law in business disputes: We frequently handle disputes related to the dissolution of a business. It may be necessary to unravel real estate interests to effectively resolve a so-called business divorce. Partition actions and resolving tenancy in common ownership concerns often overlap with other business disputes. Our integrated business model is a clear strength in protecting the rights of clients in business litigation.

For more information about our commercial and business litigation services, please contact our San Francisco office online or by phone at 415-906-3085. We are happy to review your legal matter during a 30-minute initial interview.