Business-Savvy Lawyers To Resolve Contract Disputes

Contracts form the backbone of commercial, business and real estate transactions. These vital agreements spell out the duties and obligations that the parties are bound to uphold. Despite the diligence, or lack thereof, in drafting the contract, disputes over payment and enforcement of the agreement are common.

We provide uncommon legal representation and advocacy to resolve complex contract litigation matters for clients throughout the Bay Area. Our contract dispute resolution services are aimed at achieving the most favorable outcome possible with direct attention paid to the unique interests of our clients. At Bryan • Hinshaw, in San Francisco, California, we understand the prompt and effective resolution to a contract dispute is critical to the business interests of our clients.

Focusing On Your Goals And Financial Interests

Contract litigation often focuses on the express language and interpretation of the contract. However, establishing a failed duty can be complex. We focus on the ultimate goal of obtaining positive results from Day One to prepare and build a position of strength. Believe that contested hearings and trial are a last resort. We leverage thorough preparation in negotiations, arbitration or mediation to benefit our clients. When a dispute cannot reasonably resolve the issue, our trial proven lawyers are ready to stand strong to present a convincing case.

Our contract dispute attorneys handle a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Real estate contract and commercial lease disputes
  • Disputes concerning operating agreements in business litigation
  • Supply-agreement disagreements

Partner Richard M. Bryan is an elected member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. His trial experience is well-recognized throughout Northern California. As an effective courtroom advocate and negotiator, he will do what it takes to protect your rights in resolving a contract problem.

Speak To Experienced Trial Lawyers To Protect Your Bottom Line

If you believe another party to an agreement has not upheld their obligations under a contract, or you are facing a breach of contract claim, we are here to protect your legal and financial interests. To arrange a no-obligation interview to discuss your legal options, call 415-906-3085 or send us an email.