Rigorous Advocacy To Resolve Real Estate Disputes

It is no secret that real estate is a valuable asset in the San Francisco Bay Area. With an ever-changing economy, and a fluctuating real estate market, real estate disputes are common. With so much at stake, it is crucial to have a business-savvy trial lawyer in your corner when a real estate dispute arises.

At Bryan • Hinshaw in San Francisco, California, we understand that not all real estate litigation is aimed at protecting property rights. Financial considerations, inheritance rights or determining how property will be distributed among co-owners are all concerns that California residents face. Our California real estate dispute lawyer handles partition actions, ownership and inheritance disputes, shared use litigation, disagreements over terms in real estate contract and leases, and homeowners association disputes.

Contracts are frequently at the heart of real estate litigation in California. However, many real estate disputes erupt among business partners, family members and unmarried co-owners of a home who have decided to part ways. Our interrelated legal practice and experience in formulating cost-effective strategies to resolve disputes are invaluable to California property owners who need to protect their financial interests while resolving a complex real estate law problem.

Complex Issues In Homeowners Association Litigation

Community associations, condominium owners and homeowners associations can face difficult legal problems. Individual condo owners may disagree with the decisions of the HOA board, raising contentious property rights disputes. HOA boards can face enforcement actions related to alleged violations of the CC&Rs or breach of contract claims. Our extensive experience resolving contract and real estate disputes are clear advantages for property owners and HOA facing contentious litigation.

We strive to resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution when possible to protect our clients' bottom lines. However, when a contested hearing or trial is necessary, we will go the distance to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Contact Experienced Real Estate Litigation Attorneys In San Francisco

Our lawyers know how to prepare and present a convincing case to resolve complex real estate law disputes. Partner Richard M. Bryan has earned the respect of peers, colleagues, and more importantly, our clients, for his effective courtroom advocacy. He is an elected member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, possessing extensive courtroom experience in general business litigation and real estate matters.

For comprehensive legal counsel and skilled representation, contact Bryan • Hinshaw online or call 415-906-3085. We offer an initial interview and flexible payment arrangements. We are conveniently located in the financial district in San Francisco and serve real estate owners throughout the Bay Area.