Probate Administration

Since 1981, we have provided clients with comprehensive estate planning and probate services. We are a detail-driven law firm committed to educating clients on their roles and responsibilities in estate administration.

At Bryan · Hinshaw, we have a strong background working with beneficiaries, trustees, and heirs in probate administration. We have a clear understanding of the complex factors involved in this often complicated process. The attorneys at our law firm offer a hands-on approach in probate to protect clients from any future legal disputes or financial liabilities. Contact our law firm today to schedule a 30-minute consultation and discover how we can help you.

Probate Administration Services

Probate is often emotionally-draining for family members who lost a loved one. The attorneys at our law firm offer a compassionate approach with a commitment to fulfilling the specific plans individuals had before they died. Part of our work includes enforcing and validating the terms of a will, while transferring assets to loved ones. If family members died without a will, we meticulously work with surviving family members to carefully account for the future of the estate.

We also carefully account for taxes, determining if the tax consequences will be imposed on the heirs or liquidated. The attorneys at our law firm are skilled at handling important matters, involving:

  • Re-titling assets
  • Establishing powers of attorney
  • Accounting for all assets and debts
  • Determining changes in the estate's value
  • Collecting debts and paying the estate's bills
  • Paying funeral and medical expenses for the deceased

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