Conservatorship & Guardianship Administration

What is the purpose of a temporary guardianship or conservatorship? Could a conservatorship mean a safer situation for my aging parent? How can I become the guardian of my grandchildren?

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When a minor or an adult becomes incapacitated (or incompetent) due to an accident, disability, disease, or old age, it may be necessary to appoint a guardian or conservator to care for them. This enables someone to make important decisions for a minor or incapacitated person, including those involving property, finances, or child care. Conservators and guardians are appointed by the court.

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Guardians and conservators owe a special duty to the minors or incapacitated adults they represent. A breach of such a duty may call for litigation. We handle conservatorship and guardianship litigation as well, representing the executor, administrator, trustee, conservator, guardian, or challenging family member. We also defend such cases. Our goal in these matters is to provide cost-effective, efficient resolution to your legal issues. Contact our firm today.