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April 2018 Archives

Prenuptial agreement may help during divorce mediation, trial

People in San Francisco generally do not enter a marriage with the goal of getting divorced. However, sometimes, divorce simply cannot be avoided. This means two spouses must try to work out their issues during divorce mediation or proceed to divorce trial. In either situation, prenuptial agreements are invaluable, as they can help people to protect their family wealth in the event of an unexpected marital breakup. The trick, though, is making sure that this type of agreement is created correctly before one walks down the aisle.

Divorce mediation may make divorce process less painful

After years of conflict, two spouses in San Francisco finally decide to get divorced. The marital breakup is a big step both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, the divorce process can easily drag out and lead to more emotional and financial challenges if the two parties are unwilling to work together during divorce mediation or informal negotiations to resolve their divorce issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Managing your digital estate

We just can’t seem to escape social media and the internet. We use them, rely on them, and sometimes seem obsessed by them. Because of the popularity of technology, many of us have created “digital estates” through emails, electronic photographs and personal musings that may be on our computer or housed within platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Divorce mediation may help those battling over pets

If two spouses in San Francisco see eye to eye on their finances, they may have no problem diving their assets during a divorce proceeding. However, figuring out what to do with their shared pet may be a completely different matter. If the two parties are both emotionally tied to the pet and do not want to give it up, they can use divorce mediation to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Self-help estate planning may lead to costly mistakes

The chief objective of asset owners during the process of planning an estate in San Francisco is to make sure that their assets end up in the proper hands when they die. However, this may not happen if the owners of assets fail to complete estate planning. Likewise, it may not occur if they rely upon do-it-yourself options.