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June 2018 Archives

Divorce mediation and arbitration generally faster than trial

Getting divorced is one of the most challenging experiences a person may have. Naturally, divorcing individuals in San Francisco would like the marital breakup process to go as quickly as possible. Here is a look at how long the divorce process may last for those pursuing divorce mediation, arbitration or traditional litigation.

Making a joint child custody agreement work

Joint child custody agreements can work as long as the former spouses avoid creating a toxic environment; one that’s filled with bickering, undermining, dislike and the near inability to work together on matters related to raising a child.

Financial organization essential during divorce mediation, trial

When the dissolution of a marriage is unavoidable, becoming frantic and uptight about one's financial future is natural. However, the more organized a divorcing spouse is from the start, the easier the divorce process will be whether one decides to go through divorce mediation or litigation. Here are a couple of tips for making the transition to single living easier in San Francisco.

College savings is an important topic during divorce mediation

For some families in San Francisco, planning financially for college is an afterthought. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to those children who desire to enter higher education once they complete high school. This is especially the case for families where the parents are going through divorce. It is a matter that is critical to tackle whether parents decide to go through divorce mediation or traditional divorce litigation.

Uncontested divorce may involve child custody and support

If two people in San Francisco agree to get divorced, they may want to go through the uncontested divorce process. Specifically, this type of divorce is ideal if both parties are in agreement about arrangements for child custody and support if they have minor children. It may also be a wise move for spouses who agree on how to handle spousal support and property distribution, for example.

Child custody and support may spark conflict during divorce

During the divorce process in San Francisco, a common concern is where the children will end up living. In fact, even if divorce negotiations start out amicably, they may turn upside down quickly over child custody and support. Here is a glimpse at what divorcing couples in California can expect when it comes to child custody in particular.

Lack of estate planning can have unwanted consequences

Consumers in San Francisco generally understand the value of planning for the future. However, they often neglect to engage in estate planning specifically, as death is not necessarily a popular topic. Unfortunately, failure to plan an estate can have unintended consequences long term.

Divorce mediation a viable alternative to traditional litigation

Going through the dissolution of a marriage is hard enough without having to go through a trial, too. Unfortunately, many divorcing spouses end up going to trial to resolve matters such as property division and alimony -- but it does not have to be that way. Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation that is attracting more couples in San Francisco and elsewhere.