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July 2018 Archives

Estate planning documents may be stored online

In today's increasingly digital society, some individuals in San Francisco and elsewhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to store their wills online. After all, keeping estate planning documents online in one place can be convenient. However, there are a couple of important considerations for those interested in storing their essential information online.

Putting off estate planning may be a major mistake

Many consumers in San Francisco still have not created wills and trusts to protect their assets in the event of their deaths. A major reason that estate planning is often delayed is that people simply do not like to discuss death. However, creating an estate plan is critical for a number of reasons.

Divorce mediation may help address debt division

Going through a marital breakup is tough both emotionally and financially. However, a particular aspect of divorce that can be difficult to address -- even if both spouses are willing to go through divorce mediation -- is the division of debt. Here are a few steps that a divorcing spouse can take to protect himself or herself during debt division in San Francisco.

How does limited divorce representation work in California?

If you are about to go through a divorce, you might consider what it will cost to hire a lawyer. You might think that paying a lawyer to take your whole case is the only way to go about a divorce. However, this is something you might not completely need if you are confident in representing yourself for certain areas of the case.

Estate planning misconceptions may be costly long term

Creating a will is often low on people's lists of things to do in San Francisco. However, estate planning is an incredibly important task for offering loved ones guidance regarding the future. Here is a look at a couple of common misconceptions about estate planning and why completing this task sooner rather than later may be a wise idea.

Those going through divorce mediation may not be retirement ready

The dissolution of a marriage in San Francisco can create major financial and emotional challenges short term. However, it can also have long-term effects, especially when it comes to retirement. The sad reality is that, whether divorcing couples go through divorce mediation or litigation, the process can prevent them from being ready for retirement.

A couple of important tasks involved in estate planning

The process of creating a will or trust can seem like a morbid task, which is why it is often never started. However, estate planning is paramount for ensuring the protection of one's assets long term. Here are a couple of important tasks to complete when embarking on the creation of a comprehensive estate plan in San Francisco.