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August 2018 Archives

Divorce mediation process may especially impact women

Getting divorced can be challenging for both men and women when it comes to their finances. However, according to researchers, it can be particularly problematic for women. Here is a peek at how women can take care of themselves financially when going through divorce mediation in San Francisco.

Estate planning can help asset owners to achieve their goals

Individuals in San Francisco usually realize how important it is to plan for their financial futures. However, they often forget about the importance of estate planning. Here are several reasons why estate planning is worth doing.

Estate planning important for more than just millionaires

A common misconception in San Francisco is that millionaires are the only ones who truly need wills or trusts. The reality is that estate planning is helpful for people of all income and asset levels. Here is a look at why an estate plan is important even if a person is not ultra wealthy.

Prenuptial agreement may make divorce mediation even easier

When people are ready to walk down the aisle, a marital breakup is usually the last thing on their minds. However, research shows that almost 50 percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce, so divorce is a real possibility for many soon-to-be married couples. Developing a premarital agreement, though, can make the divorce process easier, whether or not a couple decides to go through a process such as divorce mediation in San Francisco.

What if I want my attorney’s help for only part of the divorce?

Preparing for a divorce case can be overwhelming. There are many aspects of your marriage and financial documents to look over before you and your ex take the proceedings to court. Any oversight you made in the process is usable against you, resulting in your ex retaining more assets or child custody.