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Getting the best use out of your family law attorney

Many upcoming California divorcees often debate if they want a family law attorney to help them with the proceedings. They do not want to deal with the additional costs that a lawyer could bring to the case and want to make sure that everything goes the way they want it to.

While there are some aspects of a divorce case that you can likely handle on your own, having no legal assistance with the proceedings can be overwhelmingly stressful. On top of trying to balance everything in the property division, you also have to deal with the emotional trauma that comes with divorce. A family law attorney does not have to help you with everything in a divorce, so you should consider the most difficult parts of the process that they can take care of while they take care of other aspects.

Child custody

Determining child custody and support is arguably one of the most emotionally draining parts of a divorce for most Californians. A parent does not want to lose a custody battle and receive minimal time with their kid throughout the year, so many prioritize this part and are often left unprepared for the other parts of the proceedings.

A good family law attorney can use their experience in custody disputes and familiarity with California’s custody laws to prepare your arguments while you are busy with other areas such as going through your financial history. This also allows time to build more of a relationship with your child before the proceedings, which can prove crucial when the court determines their best interests.

Getting protection

Professionals highly recommend getting a divorce lawyer when your spouse has committed some form of abuse. You unfortunately know that this will not be an easy case to get through, so you need as much help as you can get when it comes to keeping yourself and your family safe. Given the circumstances, your lawyer can also develop strategies to help you acquire more of the assets and child custody in the proceedings.

Hiring a divorce attorney in this scenario is important because your spouse would likely also hire a lawyer to help with both the divorce and avoiding California's abuse charges. It will be harder to move on from your spouse’s despicable actions if you deal with the case alone.

Unfamiliar law practice

California has several divorce laws that help it differentiate from other states. If you lived in a different state prior or do not have much legal knowledge in general, a family law lawyer can get you up to speed and develop strategies quicker. They can also update you with recent federal or state changes that could impact your divorce and keep up to date with law changes to prepare themselves for their clients. For example, many attorneys this year had to be ready for multiple couples who rushed to divorce after the recent change in the national alimony tax law.

By developing a cohesive strategy on what you can and cannot handle in a divorce by yourself, you can get the best a lawyer has to offer without requiring everything from them. It is crucial to find the right family law attorney in California that specializes in the areas you require assistance in so you can get the most out of your asset division and child custody.

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