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October 2018 Archives

Types of child custody, visitation in California

For many people in California, the decision to have children together is a sign of the commitment to one another. However, as time passes, some parents may decide that they are no longer compatible and, in fact, that the strain on the relationship is detrimental to all involved. As such they may choose to end their romantic relationship. Once this decision is made, however, there are still many others that must follow. Especially important are decisions regarding child custody.

Estate planning: The role of a will

Some people envision that creating a simple will is a matter of writing out how they wish their estate is divided upon their death. However, a will can be a complicated estate planning document. Because laws vary according to state, many people want someone with knowledge of California laws to help them create one.

New California law changes pet treatment during divorce

There is no doubt that in many homes in California, pets are viewed as beloved family members rather than simply as animals who need care. Unfortunately, when couples choose to divorce, they may have difficulty deciding what will happen to any pets. However, a new state law recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will give judges some discretion regarding the treatment of an animal.

Considering pets in the estate planning process

For many people in California, their pets are a loved and valued part of their family. In makes sense that, as such, pet owners would consider them in the estate planning process. When it comes to ensuring that a pet is cared for after the owner passes away, there are a couple of options.