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The complications of same-sex divorce

It wasn’t easy – or legal – for same-sex couples in the entire United States to gain the right to marry until 2015. And now what many of these couples are finding out is that if they want to divorce, it’s not easy, either. Same-sex divorce is filled with complications related to asset division, child custody and spousal support, and these complications typically aren’t faced by heterosexual couples.

How to challenge a trust and what to expect

It sounds like it could have come from the pages of a John Grisham novel. Rather than leaving a will, the deceased, your grandfather, created a trust. As it turned out, this trust specified just two beneficiaries for his considerable estate. Your grandfather left you—his only living relative—$100,000. However, his live-in housekeeper of the last two years is set to receive $4.75 million and controlling interest in his business.

How do tips and commissions affect child support?

Among salespeople, the hot streak can make your year. For a bartender, one very happy customer can mean a nice shopping spree. Incentive based income can be a blessing but, when it comes to child support negotiations, not having a set paycheck from week to week can feel like a curse.