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child custody & support Archives

Types of child custody, visitation in California

For many people in California, the decision to have children together is a sign of the commitment to one another. However, as time passes, some parents may decide that they are no longer compatible and, in fact, that the strain on the relationship is detrimental to all involved. As such they may choose to end their romantic relationship. Once this decision is made, however, there are still many others that must follow. Especially important are decisions regarding child custody.

California parents and child support

While many families are considered "traditional" in California, there are many families that have a different composition than two parents and their children living happily together. In fact, approximately 25 percent of children are born to parents who are not married and a significant number of marriages end in divorce. In these cases, child support must be determined.

Uncontested divorce may involve child custody and support

If two people in San Francisco agree to get divorced, they may want to go through the uncontested divorce process. Specifically, this type of divorce is ideal if both parties are in agreement about arrangements for child custody and support if they have minor children. It may also be a wise move for spouses who agree on how to handle spousal support and property distribution, for example.

Child custody and support may spark conflict during divorce

During the divorce process in San Francisco, a common concern is where the children will end up living. In fact, even if divorce negotiations start out amicably, they may turn upside down quickly over child custody and support. Here is a glimpse at what divorcing couples in California can expect when it comes to child custody in particular.

Child custody and support issues can complicate divorce

Going through a marital breakup can naturally be overwhelming for two adults due to the financial and emotional challenges involved. However, the process becomes even more complicated for those having to navigate child custody and support as well. A couple of tips may help parents who are going through divorce in San Francisco.