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divorce mediation Archives

Those going through divorce mediation may not be retirement ready

The dissolution of a marriage in San Francisco can create major financial and emotional challenges short term. However, it can also have long-term effects, especially when it comes to retirement. The sad reality is that, whether divorcing couples go through divorce mediation or litigation, the process can prevent them from being ready for retirement.

Divorce mediation and arbitration generally faster than trial

Getting divorced is one of the most challenging experiences a person may have. Naturally, divorcing individuals in San Francisco would like the marital breakup process to go as quickly as possible. Here is a look at how long the divorce process may last for those pursuing divorce mediation, arbitration or traditional litigation.

Financial organization essential during divorce mediation, trial

When the dissolution of a marriage is unavoidable, becoming frantic and uptight about one's financial future is natural. However, the more organized a divorcing spouse is from the start, the easier the divorce process will be whether one decides to go through divorce mediation or litigation. Here are a couple of tips for making the transition to single living easier in San Francisco.

College savings is an important topic during divorce mediation

For some families in San Francisco, planning financially for college is an afterthought. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to those children who desire to enter higher education once they complete high school. This is especially the case for families where the parents are going through divorce. It is a matter that is critical to tackle whether parents decide to go through divorce mediation or traditional divorce litigation.

Divorce mediation a viable alternative to traditional litigation

Going through the dissolution of a marriage is hard enough without having to go through a trial, too. Unfortunately, many divorcing spouses end up going to trial to resolve matters such as property division and alimony -- but it does not have to be that way. Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation that is attracting more couples in San Francisco and elsewhere.

Prenuptial agreement may help during divorce mediation, trial

People in San Francisco generally do not enter a marriage with the goal of getting divorced. However, sometimes, divorce simply cannot be avoided. This means two spouses must try to work out their issues during divorce mediation or proceed to divorce trial. In either situation, prenuptial agreements are invaluable, as they can help people to protect their family wealth in the event of an unexpected marital breakup. The trick, though, is making sure that this type of agreement is created correctly before one walks down the aisle.

Divorce mediation may make divorce process less painful

After years of conflict, two spouses in San Francisco finally decide to get divorced. The marital breakup is a big step both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, the divorce process can easily drag out and lead to more emotional and financial challenges if the two parties are unwilling to work together during divorce mediation or informal negotiations to resolve their divorce issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Divorce mediation may help those battling over pets

If two spouses in San Francisco see eye to eye on their finances, they may have no problem diving their assets during a divorce proceeding. However, figuring out what to do with their shared pet may be a completely different matter. If the two parties are both emotionally tied to the pet and do not want to give it up, they can use divorce mediation to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Retirement planning deserves attention during divorce mediation

Getting divorced can understandably be an emotional and financially challenging experience no matter how old or young two spouses are. However, those over the age of 50 who are navigating divorce mediation or litigation face the extra task of having to support two retirement plans with assets that were intended to be part of their combined retirement savings. Those in San Francisco who are in this situation may benefit from taking the following steps.

QDRO may be needed during divorce mediation

The process of splitting up possessions can understandably be difficult during the process of dissolving a marriage in San Francisco. When retirement assets are part of the mix, this can make property division even more complicated. Below is an explanation of what to expect when addressing employer-sponsored retirement assets during negotiation or divorce mediation.