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estate planning & administration Archives

Wise to include virtual currencies in estate planning

Cryptocurrencies are gaining increasing attention due to their high, yet constantly, evolving value. Those who have chosen to invest in these digital currencies in San Francisco may be excited about creating wealth with them. However, their virtual wealth my end up in unintended hands if they do not take estate planning seriously.

Smart estate planning involves updating documents in 2018

With 2018 in full swing, now may be a wise time to look at an existing will if you live in San Francisco. Other estate planning documents are also important to go over and update. After all, the United States has a new tax law now, and new tax laws bring changes in the area of estate planning.

On the need to update your will

If you are putting together your estate for the first time, then one of the first matters you should address is your will. Many people live most of their lives -- or even their entire lives -- without a will. In the absence of a will, a person's estate goes through the traditional probate process, and that can lead to many family members and beneficiaries losing out on critical assets that they may have deserved, or even been promised.