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estate planning & administration Archives

Estate planning: The role of a will

Some people envision that creating a simple will is a matter of writing out how they wish their estate is divided upon their death. However, a will can be a complicated estate planning document. Because laws vary according to state, many people want someone with knowledge of California laws to help them create one.

Considering pets in the estate planning process

For many people in California, their pets are a loved and valued part of their family. In makes sense that, as such, pet owners would consider them in the estate planning process. When it comes to ensuring that a pet is cared for after the owner passes away, there are a couple of options.

Estate planning can help asset owners to achieve their goals

Individuals in San Francisco usually realize how important it is to plan for their financial futures. However, they often forget about the importance of estate planning. Here are several reasons why estate planning is worth doing.

Estate planning important for more than just millionaires

A common misconception in San Francisco is that millionaires are the only ones who truly need wills or trusts. The reality is that estate planning is helpful for people of all income and asset levels. Here is a look at why an estate plan is important even if a person is not ultra wealthy.

Estate planning documents may be stored online

In today's increasingly digital society, some individuals in San Francisco and elsewhere are taking advantage of the opportunity to store their wills online. After all, keeping estate planning documents online in one place can be convenient. However, there are a couple of important considerations for those interested in storing their essential information online.

Putting off estate planning may be a major mistake

Many consumers in San Francisco still have not created wills and trusts to protect their assets in the event of their deaths. A major reason that estate planning is often delayed is that people simply do not like to discuss death. However, creating an estate plan is critical for a number of reasons.

Estate planning misconceptions may be costly long term

Creating a will is often low on people's lists of things to do in San Francisco. However, estate planning is an incredibly important task for offering loved ones guidance regarding the future. Here is a look at a couple of common misconceptions about estate planning and why completing this task sooner rather than later may be a wise idea.

A couple of important tasks involved in estate planning

The process of creating a will or trust can seem like a morbid task, which is why it is often never started. However, estate planning is paramount for ensuring the protection of one's assets long term. Here are a couple of important tasks to complete when embarking on the creation of a comprehensive estate plan in San Francisco.

Lack of estate planning can have unwanted consequences

Consumers in San Francisco generally understand the value of planning for the future. However, they often neglect to engage in estate planning specifically, as death is not necessarily a popular topic. Unfortunately, failure to plan an estate can have unintended consequences long term.

Estate planning mistakes include not updating asset ownership

People in San Francisco and elsewhere oftentimes value planning for the future when it comes to their careers and retirement. However, estate planning -- planning for what happens to their assets when they die -- is frequently placed on the back burner. However, creating an estate plan is critical for making sure that one's valuable property ends up in the right hands in the future.